Skovlund Medical Products is developing an innovative myringotomy tube (ear tube) that dissolves, causes fewer complications and decreases the overall cost of care.

Ear tube placement is the most common pediatric operative procedure in the world. We have patented a biodegradable tube that remains patent for up to 6 weeks to allow clearance of fluid and has been used successfully in adults. Current tubes remain in place longer than needed (around one year).

A resorbable tube causes fewer complications and promotes healing of the eardrum, resulting in lower overall cost of care.

Stage: Product In Development
Seed Capital Round
Industry: Medical Devices and Equipment
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US

Picture1Myringotomy Tube Placement is the most common operative procedure performed on pediatric patients.
  • Painful ear infections are a rite of passage for children and by the age of five, most have experienced at least one event.  In most cases, fluid that builds up in the space behind the eardrum (otitis media with effusion, or OME) clears on its own
  • When fluid doesn’t clear, creating pain and hearing loss, ear tubes are placed to drain the fluid, which improves hearing and eliminates pain, improving quality of life for patients and parents
  • Currently available durable tubes remain in place longer than needed and can lead to perforations, drainage or permanent hearing loss
  • A resorbable tube decreases the incidences of perforations and drainage and promotes normal healing of the eardrum, lowering the cost of care

Preliminary R&D Test Results:

  • Preliminary test results, with fourteen (14) adult patients, have shown the rigid structure of the tube and its lumen are maintained for several weeks
  • Ventilation was maintained in most cases for approximately 6 weeks – more than enough time for fluid and infection to clear
  • Eardrums healed in 100% of cases as the tubes degraded
  • Adult and pediatric eardrums are identical, therefore results should be comparable